Top 10 Higher Education ERP Software Products

In educational/university settings student information, school administration, human resources, and financial management and back-office operations are complex and require a lot of resources and time to manage it. Such operational efficiency is not only important for businesses but also for educational institutions. An ERP software capable of performing these tasks is very important. 

In this blog I have listed various higher education software service providers whom you can evaluate if you are considering one

Open source ERP software that can be customized as per your university/school operations. You can automate much of your backoffice processes within a few clicks.

It helps K12 institutes to manage their daily operations. From learning management in classroom to cafeteria, infinite Campus makes your work simpler

It is a Cloud-Ready Higher Education Technology Platform solution that caters to the needs of modern educational insititutes. Manages your institutionā€™s processes through a comprehensive yet configurable offering. Built to be highly adaptable, the Jenzabar One platform provides your institute with simple solutions to drive your institutional and studentā€™s success.

It is a Campus Management modern Operating System for schools and colleges. With more that 40 modules in its ERP suite it provides easy to use platform for management, teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders of an educational institute.

 It is a configurable ERP system designed for smaller institutions. Its SAAS enabled ecosystem increases the ability of the educational institutes to derive better outcomes.

 It is an integrated ERP system for K-12 education. It is customizable and scalable to your unique requirements. It integrates and streamlines most of your financial, human resources, purchasing, reporting and many more processes.

It is a school management software that aids in automating your daily school operations. From attendance management to fee collection and examination management it handles all your processes seamlessly.

It is an online school management system software that simplifies your institute’s academic & administrative process. It has Gradebook, transport, examination, bulk data management, studentsā€™ progress tracking, reports, parent-teacher collaboration, attendance, fee management and 50+ feature-rich modules. It automates most of your processes, and generate insightful reports to take better decision

It is a next-generation higher education ERP software, designed to automate back-office operations. Oracle is a major force in the world of ERP systems, and Student Cloud is their platform in the world of higher education ERP systems.

 Campus management system that is configurable as per your requirements. From streamlining your day-to-day school operations to helping you take decisions with its advanced analytics capabilities; this ERP helps you to track each phase of the student life cycle.



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