Healthcare Company In USA Improved The Efficiency Of Serving Patients By 4 Times

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About the Client and Requirement

Our customer is one of the reputed healthcare companies in the US. They have a web-based patient registration and management system that is used to document critical information about patients’ medical care.

While enrolling patients using that system, the team do not have access to internet due to security limitations. They wanted a mobile application that can work offline and solve their needs. They approached the Do Systems Inc for a suitalble solution.


After an initial study we proposed an offline iPad application that enables them to capture the patient data offline. We developed a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate the offline capabilities and ease of use with modern UI. After the approval of POC, we scaled it up to a full-scale offline iPad app using data synchronization and conflict resolution with server data

How we developed

We mimicked the database structure with a server database in the iPad app using Realm. When there is no internet connection, the app stores patient info in the local database(Realm). When the internet connection is restored, the data will be synchronized with the server.  Many advanced user controls were developed to reduce the need for multiple clicks for the user to perform an action.

We were able to evenly spread 200+ fields between multiple tabs without compromising on user flow and carefully tested all the combinations of use cases to make sure there is no progressive blocker for the patient onboarding team while on the field.


  • Saved 60% of data entry time
  • Reduced friction for users while onboarding patients with the features line user-friendly UI, Auto-tabbing, Switch Controls and Button Groups.
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Enabled patient onboarding team to service at the customer site without going through the internet access request process
  • Simplified logistics and improved data secur

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