Simplified The Expert Doctors Suggestions With Highest Accuracy For A Patient’s Condition

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About Client

The Client is a data analytics company dedicated to improving patients’ access to good healthcare and clinical trials, especially for patients with rare diseases. They wanted us to improve patient access to care by leveraging their comprehensive database of over 1 million U.S. doctors, 6,000 diseases, 200 procedures, and 130 specialties.

About Product

Search Engine was developed using elastic search technology to provide accurate search results from a huge database of 6000 diseases, 200 procedures, 150 symptoms, 130 specialties, 1 million doctors, 4500 hospitals, and 20,000 clinical studies. The search results are produced in a fraction of a second. Users can search for Doctors in the proximity or based on specialty. Doctor Review is available and the user can view the top 10 doctors/hospitals matching the condition. Users can also follow and enroll in clinical trials for a disease. 

How we developed

The web application was developed with Elastic Search for faster search results. AMP pages were developed to help clients monitor and track the most searched criteria. Search results are based on the user location to increase the relevance in search results, users can define the search radius. The application is optimized for the mobile view. Customized products were developed to cater to rare diseases or clinical trials. Scripts were developed to upload the disease descriptions easily into the website. 


Search parameters like procedures, publications, conditions, doctor experience helped users get accurate search results based on parameters that distinguish them from the available physician review websites, this helped in acquiring users in 6 monthsā€™ time.

The client is able to analyze the crawls and improvise the pages based on user preferences.

Map-based/Location-based search improved the website usage by 42%.
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