Why You Need Higher Education ERP To Run Your School/Universities

Isn’t it obvious when much of your work is automated, you will save a lot of time and money? Higher education ERP is one such software that helps you to automate most of your time consuming and laborious university operations. Let see a few of your university processes that can be made effective and faster using the higher education ERP systems

1. Admission Process

Every educational institution has its custom process to handle the admission of student. Thought it occurs once or twice a year it needs a lot of tiresome work coordination and time. It requires the prospective students to fill the application, submit the certificates and test scores and other necessary documents. After receival the university staff needs to verify, evaluate and conduct the selection process. A lot of tiresome paperwork and communication can be digitized with the help of a proper admission management system. It makes the entire process online that not only improves the transparency but also reduces the time and pressure to conduct the process more efficiently.

2. Student Management Process

When it comes to managing students record, attendance, class schedules, scores, academic progress, it becomes lot difficult for any educational institute to manage if it wasn’t digitised. An ERP that takes care of all the tasks required to manage this process can not only make this process efficient but also eliminates a lot of manual work involved and time needed. Other important aspect is that parents of the students can login to the software and check their children’s academic activity just on a click.

3. Course Management Process

There are many courses on offer to students for which you should define the credits, syllabus, hours, timings, tests, enrolment and other things. ERP can acts as a centralized platform where you can manage the plethora of course, interlink them, manage the sessions, timings, schedule exams in a coordinated manner. Decision makers and program creators can efficiently monitor them and create various kinds of reports to evaluate the programs and improve the quality of education they want to deliver.

4. Examination process

Conducting examination involves in a lot of tasks such as creating an exam schedule, notifying the students, generating hall tickets, report cards and others. If its an online examination you also need a portal through which the student can take the exams virtually. Examination specific module of Higher education ERP can manage and automate your entire process. If necessary, the ERP can be customized as per your educational institute’s unique requirements.

There are just a few of the process that can be digitally transformed using an ERP system. In my next blog we shall look at how the higher education ERP system can take care of financial management process of your university/school.

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