BAT – The Next Big Thing In Online Advertising

What is BAT?

Global tech giants pour billions of dollars into online advertisements to capture your attention. What do we even get out of an advertisement these days, nothing other than a few wasted seconds or even minutes while the providers and advertisers also do not profit much? Both the quality of content you consume and your privacy suffer in this bargain.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is here to change that along with few other problems associated with online advertising. BAT is a digital advertising cryptocurrency built on Ethereum’s network. It intends to develop a method through which advertisers, publishers and users can connect with each other. Brave offers a decentralized and Blockchain-based solution to the three parties whom the internet has been failing for years.

BAT is rewarding to users, advertisers and publishers. Users get paid for their attention in tokens, advertisers achieve higher ROI, better targeting and reduced fraud whereas publishers receive BATs based on user attention. To complement its token, the BAT team developed the Brave browser. Brave is an in house browser that is integrated into the BAT environment. Let us take a look at what BAT’s Brave browser has to offer. 

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What is Brave Browser?

The Brave browser is built by Brandon Eich, the creator of Java Script and former CEO of Mozilla Foundation, along with Brian Bondy and Yan Zhu. According to Brave ‚Äúwhat you do online is your business, not ours‚ÄĚ.

The Brave browser was created by the team who came up with BAT. It focuses on both speed and privacy. When you use this browser, all unnecessary ads and trackers are blocked by default. However unlike many other ad blocker plug-ins, Brave blocks them all without any bias. Brave browser monitors the user’s behavior to determine what type of content they view the most.

Based on the information gathered, advertisers target the ads accordingly and publishers receive payment as per the amount of time the advertisement is viewed. Brave offers privacy that many other browsers are not keen on providing. It ensures the data is entirely kept private and never leaves the device. This browser improves the overall speed and experience for all three parties. 

How does it improve the digital advertising world?

nternet users are jaded by the plethora of spammy online ads. They are doing everything they can to avoid these ads from popping up which makes page loading slower and breaches their privacy. As a result, ad blocker software is used by millions of users around the globe. This is in turn making the traditional advertisers and publishers lose their revenue.

Also, web browsers like Google dominate the search engine market by holding a tight grip on the digital advertising market. Along with Facebook, they scrape a majority of all ad revenue by charging advertisers to place their ads and also publishers to host the ads. Clearly, the current digital advertising system is flawed. 

The BAT promises to solve the issues present in the current mainstream advertising industry. Ad fraud is the main one among them. With Brave, ads are more transparent. Brave implements some beneficial features to block malicious ads and helps advertisers target users with relevant ads and distribute the revenues fairly between the creators and users.

Brave is a worldwide digital ad platform built for increasing privacy, which offers advertisers the opportunity to participate in a high end, brand-safe, and opt-in ad ecosystem. It is designed for a future without third parties. 

Let us take a look at what Brave has to offer to the advertisers

  • Brave offers a unique feature called the¬†Brave Brand Lift surveys. This helps the advertisers measure the impact of campaigns on key branding metrics. In this survey, a ‚Äúpre‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúpost‚Ä̬†methodology¬†is used to compare brand perceptions among the users prior to the campaign and post campaign.
  • Based on the advertiser‚Äôs objective, the survey includes questions regarding Brand awarenessBrand perceptionsPurchase intent and Brand usage.
  • With Brave, the average brand/promotion awareness has risen by 64% and the brand perception by 28%.
  • The survey results will be usually available within 4 to 5 days after finishing the campaign. The overall results are provided and can be analyzed among the key demographics. This is an important attribute that can be handy for advertisers.
  • Sponsored Images are a new form of digital advertisement that Brave offers. This can be subjected to a broad audience. This is similar to a highway billboard advertisement where the main purpose is to introduce the Brand to the audience. These are eye catching and grab the attention of the user towards the Brand and let the advertisers drive the point.
  • These sponsored images will be placed in rotation with the browser‚Äôs dashboard wallpaper. All the users are presented with these images. An alert message will accompany the image and explain that the image visible is a sponsored image and they can get a reward if they opt into Brave Rewards through BAT (tokens).
  • The customers receive a¬†Push Notification¬†featuring the Brand name and a call to action that drives the user to the advertiser‚Äôs desired landing page. This is an ideal feature for advertisers who want to add engagement and quality site traffic to their ad campaign. These are compatible with macOS, iOS, Android and Windows.

Closing thoughts

The Brave browser is a new alternative that has proven to be one of the most trustworthy channels advertisers choose to place their ad campaigns with. This is going to be the future of the digital advertising industry as it is already set to improve the ad model. This is fast, secure and most of all cryptocurrency driven. It provides the internet experience with all three parties, i.e. the users, advertisers and publishers deserve. 

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