Top Misconceptions Of Higher Education ERP Solutions

ERP is too expensive

While high end, ERP solutions is expensive so, advancement such as mobile and cloud are expected to make ERP software more affordable. Some ERP software providers may offer different prices based on the usage.

ERP is only for big business

  Although ERP was extensively used by large technical firms from the past, Small companies are able to explore ERP by having the chances of many options to customise via technical innovation. Choosing the right ERP software whether the educational institute is big or small. 

ERP only benefits the top level management and high experienced faculties

Yes, ERP can provide upper management with all the important and required information for taking better decisions. But the benefit can spread to the entire institute improving operational procedures of the faculties and employees. ERP enable to spread information which may increase communication , improve project planning , lower purchasing cost and many other advantages. 

One ERP solution fits all  

  It is important to find out the best ERP solution depending upon the educational institution requirement. For example, A company that produces one product likely differs in its ERP needs from a manufacturing unit that makes a variety products. The specific requirements and capabilities sought from ERP should change depending upon the particular institution needs.

ERP takes too long to implement

 The time requirement for ERP implementation will be generally fixed by the factors and the size of the institute , by the expectation of the institute management, number of students , the degree of custamization and the complexity of the change and also by the availability of resources. Successful implementation could require a time period ranging from several months to couple of years. 

ERP is an IT system and does not help in educational institutions  

ERP is a business asset that requires ownership and input across entire departments and down by the corporate hierarchy, from hand on workers to top level executive management. So while information technology is an integral part of ERP implementation . Each and every institute has a role to play in the success of enterprise resource planning.

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