Data Company In USA Records More Than 60,000+ Customers With The Application To Discover Propensity To Buy

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About Client

The client is a publicly listed people’s data company in the USA. It has millions of decades-old people’s data, the data is about the people’s past and current assets, crime, phone numbers. 

About Product

The omnichannel application allows searches based on people’s phone numbers, name, age, city they lived. It provides accurate results for the search query. Users can preview the data and pay for full data.  Developed mobile applications using cross-platform technology (Cordova) saving 40% development efforts. Used Redis Cache to serve the search results without fetching from the server when searched for the same user repeatedly.

How we developed

We spent time ideating and improving features of the application and did an analysis of the existing system to identify the data API’s that are needed for the application. Identified the reusable components and open source modules that can be used to reduce the time to market. Prepared a giant list of features (product backlog) and prioritized based on the value that creates to the end customer. Planned to follow the agile scrum software development methodology to start delivering the features in small increments and to get feedback from end-users. 

We added data security by creating a layer of abstraction to make sure the data does not tamper while sending from server to client(web browser or mobile application), only allow/authorized users are served with the data and running a bot that always analyses the people data requests and blocks the suspected users from future data requests.

We built admin platforms to manage subscriptions, support customers after sales, run reports to analyze the users and cash flows. Omnichannel is built for end-users to check people’s data, manage subscriptions, and pay online.


Able to create new business repurposing the people data.

Able to acquire 60000+ new customers in 4 months with an omnichannel presence.

Improved the search presence with advanced SEO techniques.
The client gave a repeat business as delighted with previous product development engagement with Do Systems Inc, the client approached us for developing Web and mobile applications for their new project ‘search for people’s background data’. schedule a meeting with us now to see how we can help with your project.

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