Why you need higher education ERP to run your school/universities

06-06-2021    Hari Kondlapudi

Isn’t it obvious when much of your work is automated, you will save a lot of time and money? Higher education ERP is one such software that helps you to automate most of your time consuming and laborious university operations. Let see a few...

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What is educational ERP?

04-03-2021    Hari Kondlapudi

  What is Education ERP ? ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, but what does ERP mean? The best way to define ERP is to think about all the core processes needed to run a company: hiring, finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain,...

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Healthcare company in USA improved the efficiency of serving patients

Healthcare company in USA improved the efficiency of serving patients by 4 times

03-21-2021    Hari Kondlapudi

About the Client and Requirement Our customer is one of the reputed healthcare companies in the US. They have a web-based patient registration and management system that is used to document critical information about patients' medical care. ...

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React Vs Angular Vs Vue

03-17-2021    Bhargavi

React Overview React was developed by facebook. Initially released in 2013 to create a dynamic UI for different websites. React is based on the virtual DOM(Document Object Model)which is an in memory representation of DOM elements...

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[Flutter] Integration of Push/Local Notifications in ANDROID

03-16-2021    Hari Kondlapudi

As most of us are aware of the notifications we receive day in and day out when using apps like Gmail, Whatsapp, Teams, Slack and others on your smart phones. In order to implement such kind of notifications in your custom build App y...

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