Do you want to start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Software business?

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Cryptocurrency market can be uncontrollable. Don’t get me wrong, one must always be aware that there can be risks. Having said that, this industry is continuing to grow rapidly. Crypto exchange is a platform that helps with cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto exchange platforms are one of the means of making money. Launching a crypto exchange software business is going to be rewarding. If you’re looking to start a cryptocurrency exchange software, you know you’re here due to the popularity of cryptocurrency and the persistent rise in its value.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are a service that demand high performance, durability, and unbreachable security systems. Development of such projects can be difficult and risky. You might be wondering which software to use to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform.

I’m here to help you with that. Some important features you should be looking for are, hassle free user experience, enhanced security measures to prevent fraudulent activities, intuitive user interface, providing accurate details for your need, guarantee and reliability of the product, functionality, scalability, deployment process and risk control software. So, there are three different types of exchange software available in the market.

There are ample companies that offer these services. That being so, it’s important to choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

White Label software

One among them is the White Label software or simply put as off the shelf software. It is a license or a standardized (ready-made) platform that one company creates and another company sells to clients under its own brand name. The core, the design and functionality can be modified to provide a better client experience which brings more profit. It takes lesser deployment time, it is quick to start and the prices are reasonable.

The software provider will need to configure it to a new environment and its ready. The source code is unencrypted, these can be customized as per requirement. Usually it is tested before hand, so you don’t have to sweat upon the operating errors or security levels.

White label solutions require high customization. In our case, the team offers support to the system and adds all the necessary functionalities in the future as desired, payment systems or redesign it and constantly make improvements.

We are always in pace with latest innovations and dynamic changes in technology. Therefore, we can build a solid plan by strategizing your needs and how to develop it. At the end, you get a ready-made solution, stunning design, and a trusted partner you can rely on.

Open Source Software

Open-Source software is a software that is made available to everyone along with its source code, which can be modified and distributed. The customers can modify the software to fit their desires and can control it. Open source cryptocurrency exchange platforms won’t stay in the market for too long.

The deployment time is short, and they are cheaper. They’re basically free, you can download them on the internet. We don’t know who the developer of the Open source platform is, they could be created by a developer or some amateur enthusiasts, we won’t have any idea about their experience.

These usually have insufficient quality, lack of functionality and poor source code. There might not be any tests or the tests performed could be doubtful. The security framework is weak which makes way for fraudulent activities given the vulnerabilities are easy to detect. For a business with real users, Do Systems Inc doesn’t recommend using open source solution.


Creation of a cryptocurrency exchange platform by a full-time development team or an outsourced company from scratch can take a lot of efforts and be time taking. In this case, by outsourcing you can get desired and guaranteed results with reliable product.

With an internal development team it is not always possible, unless you have an experienced team of developers. Having a clear vision on how you want your product to look like can be a real game changer. It can help the developers to understand your requirement better and do justice to the project.

Viewing the fierce competition in the market, creating new features will help you stand out.  If you’re going to start your business in crypto, Do Systems Inc recommends developing everything from scratch is definitely worth it.  It might cost a tad bit more than the others but the profit returns on investment (ROI) will be more than what you might’ve imagined.  

We have experienced developers, who are highly qualified and specialized in delivering what you’ve exactly desired. They are the ones who develop the product, they know everything about the structure which makes it easy to maintain.

You can get a completely new software designed specifically for your needs and market which will have all the desired performances, necessary functionalities, scalability and top level security. A platform with all these features will win the users’ hearts.

If you’re still confused about which way is better, let me make it simpler for you. While building a business you need to first assess the pros and cons. First, you should have a clarity about what you are trying to achieve. So, if you are looking for speed, convenience, safety and cost effectiveness, you can go with White Label exchange solution.

While you’re choosing While Label solution, you should consider the degree of customization the company is willing to offer. If you’re trying to minimize the cost furthermore and get a quicker solution you can opt Open Source exchange software.

For those who are looking for a unique product with originality and reliability you can have a team develop it from scratch such platform or outsource it. In my opinion, outsourcing is better because you have firms that can perform efficiently while you can have your team focus on other core processes.

Do Systems Inc has experts for developing Cryptocurrency exchange platforms of your choice. If you are interested in starting a Cryptocurrency Exchange software business or have any questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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